About me

Beate Lang – Concept and Design

Hi, my name is Beate Lang. I’m a Freelance Designer and Art Director.

The scope of my work includes classical advertising and graphic design as well as digital design.

From concept to final drawing or implementation, I offer corporate design and high-quality design in print, web and mobile as well as sophisticated illustrations, infographics and animations for campaigns and posters.

In addition, I am experienced in dealing with other media channels, eg. conception of TV spots and social media campaigns.

Further, I am also familiar with the field of front-end programming (HTML, CSS) and creating newsletter or mailings.

In my former career I had the privilege of working with companies such as scoreloop, babbel, orderbird and many more.

I strongly believe in good design that guide users through websites, apps or any other visual context. I want them enjoy complexity and information and love to create simply good looking things. Understandable content is the best experience a user can get out of good design.

Looking forward to work with you – just send an email to: beate.lang@email.de